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Do you have server based applications that you just love but dont want to purchase and maintain expensive servers?

Do you have business continuity and data security concerns about locating physical servers at your place of business?

Do you have staff that increasingly want to work from home easily without frustrating VPN connections and limited access?

Perhaps it is time to look at relocating all of your server based computing needs into the cloud.

Even with all of the features of Microsoft 365 many business rely on line of business applications that still need a local server. Many Accounting, ERP and Document Management systems that are key to your business are not fully cloud ready.

Don't let that hold you back.

Relocate those applications into a familiar, fully managed, fully secure cloud environment that your staff can easily access from any Windows, Mac or tablet device.

With full integration into Microsoft 365 you will be amazed how easily you can complete the transformation into cloud based computing and reap the productivity benefits.

Once your key productivity tools are cloud based you will be free to grow your business without worrying about technical limitations and large upfront investments each time you look to open a new office, store or pop up shop.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can set up Cloud Hosted Servers to benefit your business

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